Why choose New England Floor & Wall?

New England Floor & Wall specializes in high performance coatings and concrete polishing for commercial and residential flooring projects throughout New England. For over 25 years, we have completed hundreds of projects of all sizes and varying degrees of difficulty.

Quality Products

New England Floor & Wall only uses products from highly regarded professional manufacturers:


Elite Crete Systems


General Polymers



We are industry experts

With over 25 years of real world experience, we know all of the ins and outs to provide superior service time and time again.We understand the industry specific demands seen today and continually go above and beyond.We work in many different environments, including (but not limited to):

Aircraft Hangars, Assembly Areas, Basements, Breweries, Butcher Shops, Cafeterias, Chemical Storage, Clean Rooms, Kitchens, Containment Areas, Laboratories, Loading Docks, Locker Rooms,Machine Shops, Maintenance Shops, Mechanical Rooms, Operating Rooms, Pharmacies, Pool Decks, Reception Areas,Restrooms, Retail Areas, Seafood Processing, Showrooms, Splash/Spill Zones, Storage Areas, Traffic Aisles

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