Customer Name: Harriman & West Airport
Customer Location: North Adams, Massachusetts
Customer Needs: A decorative floor that is able to reduce fatigue by being “soft,” with the abilities to withstand the rigors of a public airport

With a last-minute change in trades, New England Floor & Wall was given the opportunity to install this beautiful decorative quartz floor, embedded in an elastomeric epoxy system from General Polymers. This system allows for the durability of a traditional epoxy flooring system, while still giving many of the same characteristics of flexible properties in polyurethane elastomers.

Scope of Work:

  • Mobilize preparation of poured concrete
  • All cracks, spalls, and deviations were repaired
  • A double expansion joint was pre-packed with 100% solids epoxy mortar material
  • These areas were marked for re-opening and filling after completion of the floor
  • Diamond grind entire floor with an industrial floor grinder
  • All edges and areas too small to be prepared with an industrial floor grinder were completed using hand grinders
  • All drains and metal grate houses had to be “built” using epoxy impregnated with amorphous silica, which allows the flooring system to be flush with the final coat
  • Install ships cove base around column footings to eliminate the fear of water traveling
  • After determining acceptable moisture levels, NFW performed a final vacuum before installation was mobilized
  • Install elastomeric epoxy floor coating
  • This step had decorative quartz broadcast until the floor rejected additional quartz
  • Install a 100% solids epoxy body coat
  • This step had decorative quartz broadcast until the floor rejected additional quartz
  • Install a 100% solids epoxy seal coat
  • Install a high-performance topcoat to the entire area to seal in all quartz
  • The anti-slip additive was also used in this coat to ensure optimal slip resistance


Working alongside a general contractor, New England Floor & Wall was able to finish this project according to the Department of Transportations’ schedule. This beautiful public airport facility will be enjoyed for many years to come by many people in the Berkshires.

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