Containment Area Flooring

With the varying needs of businesses to have interior containment areas built, New England Floor & Wall will build secondary containment spaces specifically to not allow any liquid from spreading elsewhere.

These areas are primarily required to resist degradation when exposed to specific chemicals or liquids, pH fluctuations, as well as caustic solutions. Containment areas provide added security when storing a multitude of liquids, and have options available for many different requirements, such as (but not limited to):

Storage Tank Insurance – Many high priority facilities store large amounts of raw material on site. Regulations require that these containment areas be able to hold 10% of the total volume stored, or 100% of the largest tank as insurance if there to be any failures.

Wash Down Procedure – Areas that receive frequent wash downs may benefit from a containment area surrounding the drain, as this will reduce the risk of contamination.

Water Reclaiming/Recycling – Many businesses nowadays are reducing their carbon footprint by whatever means they can. Grey water systems, when combined with containment areas and water recycling, helps reduce this by eliminating the carbon emissions associated with pumping and treating used water.

That being said, NFW uses various measures, including novolac epoxy, vinyl ester resins, as well as various chemical resistive products to refinish an existing or create a new, containment area as needed in each situation.

These areas can be impregnated with fiberglass to increase the structural integrity. They are finished with custom berms and cove base, and can be created with spark proof, anti-conductive or electro-static discharge (ESD Flooring) materials as needed.

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