Customer Name: Brick Walk Tavern, Fairfield Connecticut (future)

Customer Needs: A high profile floor finish that looks modern, yet sophisticated.

Brick Walk Tavern of Fairfield, Connecticut acquired two existing neighboring businesses with the intention of breaking down the walls to create one larger, 3,800 square foot to create an upscale dining experience in a tavern setting. The existing condition of these two areas was mediocre at best with holes in the subfloor that left areas exposed to the basement! New England Floor & Wall recommended that the kitchen be finished with a heavy duty urethane flooring system, and the main areas be completed using a unique metallic finish.

Scope of Work for New Fairfield Urethane Flooring:

  • Finish demolition of existing flooring
  • Diamond grind entire floor with industrial floor grinder
  • Fiberglass over newly installed cement board
  • Install patches created by epoxy mortar
  • Make “key-way” cuts in the kitchen to help lock in flooring system
  • Install various integral cove base to eliminate the fear of water traveling
  • Install heavy duty urethane slurry flooring system in kitchen- this product is anti-microbial, is one of the most durable on the market, and is easy to clean and sanitize
  • Install an unique, reflective, high performance resinous flooring system- this product has excellent stain resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, and slip resistance; it also creates a modern look, with a unique finish that a business can take pride in for years to come
  • Install a high performance urethane topcoat to the entire area to create a seamless look

Conclusion: Working alongside an entire contractor group, New England Floor & Wall was able to finish this project on schedule. What was once a broken-down property has been transformed into a business that one would be proud to call their own.

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