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Looking for the top concrete flooring experts in Westfield MA? You’re in the right place. New England Floor & Wall offers polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings for home and businesses throughout the Westfield area and the entire state of Massachusetts.

Polyurethane & Epoxy Floors

Polyurea and epoxies are widely used for residential, commercial and industrial resinous flooring. But many property owners don’t know the differences between the two, and further, are not quite certain about which type is best for their project needs.

Our concrete floor professionals can help you choose the right materials and type of floor coatings to suit your individual project.

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Our Floor Installation Services Include:

Containment Area Floors – these offer resistance against chemical spills and come in spark-proof and conductive options.

Vapor Mitigation – also known as moisture mitigation, these systems stop pressure buildup and can be finished with any floor type. They create concrete slab barriers that keep the flooring safe and dry.

Thin Mil Floor Systems – these floors prevent concrete dusting and resist abrasion. They are excellent for light traffic areas.

Decorative Concrete Overlays – these coatings offer unlimited design and color options using cementitious and self-leveling concrete.

Clear Epoxy Sealers – these finishes offer long-wear, water repellence and abrasion resistance.

Stamped Concrete – Primarily used for patios and pool desks, concrete stamping may also be used for driveways and interior floors. Textured concrete patterns that mimic the look of tile, wood, brick or stone.


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