Customer Name: Atlantic Terrace Motel

Location: Montauk, New York

Flooring Needs: A metallic floor finish throughout the rooms and hallways

Once a prime tourist destination located directly on the ocean, this motel was in dire need of a facelift. Full demolition of the existing finishes had occurred, only leaving a bare skeleton to work with. Existing floors were a composed of pre-cast concrete slabs, which had been hidden under the carpet until the demo. To reduce the risk of vapor transmission in close proximity to the ocean, New England Floor & Wall recommended the addition of a moisture barrier. Once a game plan was made, NFW began installing using the following scope:

Scope of Work for Resinous Flooring:

  • Finish demolition of existing flooring
  • Diamond grind entire floor with an industrial floor grinder
  • Fiberglass over existing pre-cast concrete seams to reduce the risk of failure. This type of foundation has a tendency to expand, contract, as well as travel with the season changes
  • Install patches created by epoxy mortar to ensure a flat floor
  • Make “key-way” cuts in the doorways to help lock in the flooring system
  • Install a resinous moisture barrier to help reduce the risk of vapor transmission
  • Install a unique, reflective, high-performance resinous flooring system- this product has excellent stain resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, and slip resistance; it also creates a modern look, with a unique finish that a business can take pride in for years to come
  • Install a high-performance urethane topcoat to the entire area to create a seamless look


Tasked with a momentous project, New England Floor & Wall was able to finish this phase to meet the schedule set by the investment firm. With a 21st century facelift, Atlantic Terrace Motel will be able to proudly show off this property for years to come.

Resinous Flooring Montauk New York

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