Customer: Non-Profit Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

Customer Locations: Holyoke, MA and Springfield, MA

Scope of Work: A renovation of two existing facility bathrooms

With little guidelines, New England Floor & Wall received the job of renovating patient restrooms in two of the local rehabilitation facilities. The customer requested that the existing mosaic tile flooring was to remain in each area to eliminate excessive noise and construction debris. With this in mind, NFW recommended installing a self-leveling urethane flooring system with a decorative flake broadcast.

Urethane Flooring Holyoke Process

  • Mobilize preparation of the existing substrate in two locations
    • Existing mosaic tiles prepared using diamond abrasives, removing any contaminants, as well as the glaze of the tiles
    • Shower beds in both areas pitched away from the wall to eliminate any pooling under the finished showers
    • Various other regions required additional pitching to ensure there would be no pooling against the walls
  • Install ships cove to eradicate the risk of water traveling further, leaving room to re-install shower beds and vanities
  • Hand grinders used on all edges and areas too small for surface preparation with an industrial floor grinder.
  • Metal fixtures had to be set and “built” before the installation of the epoxy mortar, which allows the flooring system to be flush with the final coat
  • All areas that NFW had installed pitch to were then prepared with diamond abrasives to ensure a flat surface before flooring installation
  • Once completed, NFW performed a final vacuum before flooring system installation was mobilized
  • Install self-leveling urethane mortar flooring system – This system had decorative vinyl chip broadcast until the floor rejected additional chips
  • This process produces aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring while providing a slip-resistant surface

Case Study Conclusion:

New England Floor & Wall completed the task of finishing the Holyoke urethane flooring for the bathrooms at the drug and rehab medical facility in just three days, allowing the owner to continue along with their schedule with no hiccups.

Self Leveling Urethane Flooring Springfield MA

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