There are many factors in a business that will change which flooring system will be needed at the end of the day. When sitting down with a potential customer, our experts at New England Floor & Wall bring attention to a few key questions for our clients before they make a decision about their new floors. As with any choice, knowing more about the current situation will help cast a decisive vote.

4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a New Flooring System

1) What extremes will this floor have to handle?

If your business handles caustic materials or houses multiple fork lifts that are used daily, you will need a different type of system than a business that only has foot traffic.

2) Will this area be used as a showcase?

There are many times when businesses will showcase an entire room – be it an updated restaurant, installing a new piece of equipment to bring in added revenues, if these changes were made available from investors money or even if it is a plant manager showing his corporate office for the first time.

3) Do I have a shutdown coming?

Lots of times flooring projects are planned around a factory shutdown as this will not incur any additional expenses to complete the project. While flooring projects can be completed in conjunction with the business still running, certain flooring options that New England Floor & Wall provides incur byproducts during curing (such as completing our high performance resinous flooring system.) Many of these projects can be completed by creating a sufficient amount of air exchange in the room; however, there are times where products known as zero-voc (volatile organic compounds) can be used if a shutdown is not in sight, and a floor drastically needs repair.

4) How much money do I have to spend?

This is a loaded question, but a question that is always asked. A start-up business may not be able to spend top dollar on finishing their workplace as their funds may need to be allocated elsewhere. Luckily, New England Floor & Wall has options at many different price points.

Let New England Floor & Wall help you make a decision based upon the answers to these questions today, contact us now at (844) 463-7699!

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