Customer Name: Hazen Paper

Customer Location: Holyoke, MA

Customer Needs: A flat flooring system that will house a state-of-the-art machine

Coming into this project, New England Floor & Wall had the task of rehabilitating an interior room of their old 19th-century mill building-turned production plant. The floor had deteriorated over time, creating areas that were dangerously thin. Certain areas were completely devoid of a subfloor, with holes looking down 30’ below into the basement. With this room going to house a state-of-the-art machine weighing in many tons, there became a need for a floor that was ‘flat,’ with deviations no larger than 1” per 12’ according to the specifications of this machine, as well as a floor that was sturdy enough to withstand the weight and vibration the machine would produce.


Scope of Work:

  • All areas were prepared using an industrial floor grinder
  • All loose/failing substrate was removed using chipping hammers
  • Vacuum entire floor
  • The floor was sectioned off into 12’ wide columns using berms
  • These berms were created using an epoxy/silica mortar
  • All of the floors to receive the deep fill were primed using a 100% solids epoxy
  • All areas that were severely broken were pre-filled using an epoxy/silica mortar
  • Following the pre-fill, NFW installed over 10 tons of epoxy/silica mortar to ensure the floor would be flat
  • Once the floor had time to cure, all areas were prepared using an industrial floor grinder
  • This process removed any trowel marks that had been left behind
  • Vacuum entire floor
  • Install a thixotropic epoxy coat, allowing the material to penetrate only enough to create an adhesive bond
  • Install a high-performance topcoat to areas respectively.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Holyoke


Working alongside an entire contractor group, New England Floor & Wall was able to finish this project on schedule. Shown in the before and after pictures, the transformation of this project has been tremendous!

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