Customer Name: Great American Donuts

Customer Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Customer Needs: A heavy-duty floor that can stand up to the rigors of Dunkin’ Donuts faced paced environment

Working 365 days a year, the floor in the Great American Donuts desperately needed to be repaired. When New England Floor & Wall was brought in, the existing flooring had multiple areas that had started to fail, allowing for moisture to be trapped in between the substrate and the existing flooring system. NFW recommended that all of these areas be removed, as they would present themselves again if not repaired correctly.

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Scope of Work:

  • Finish demolition of existing flooring
  • All hollow spots in the existing flooring were removed to ensure bonding failures wouldn’t present themselves
  • Many areas had to be removed by use of jackhammers
  • Diamond grind entire floor with an industrial floor grinder
  • Install patches created by epoxy mortar in all areas that had existing flooring removed
  • This step was required to create the seamless industrial floor for Great American Donuts
  • Make “key-way” cuts at all terminations to help lock in a flooring system
  • Install various integral cove base to eliminate the fear of water traveling
  • Install heavy-duty urethane slurry flooring system- this product is anti-microbial, is one of the most durable on the market, and is easy to clean and sanitize
  • Install a 100% solids epoxy body coat with custom grit added to optimal ensure slip resistance
  • Install a high-performance topcoat to the entire area to create a seamless look

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Working in phases, New England Floor & Wall was able to finish this project according to the Great American Donuts strict schedule. This manufacturing facility was remodeled to feel like it was just built!

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